There’s no possibility behind you. Let’s move forward together.

I thought writing that #1 song would change everything. It didn’t.
It was only when I changed that everything else changed.
Are you ready for that kind of change, too?
Of course you are!

The change you seek is here now, just waiting for you to . . .

Discover—or rediscover!—who you truly are.
Learn and apply transformative strategies and mindsets.
Live in the flow of confidence and creativity.

I come to life coaching after years as a professional songwriter and performer. Drawing on my experiences on the challenging path to co-writing a 3-week #1 hit, as well as my own career transition and coach training, I now help clients like you tap into their creativity and resourcefulness to achieve goals. Whatever the industry or pursuit, I can coach you to break through barriers to get positive results.

Speaking of barriers, I’ve certainly overcome my fair share. Most notably, I went completely blind at age 10. It’s actually a miracle I had any vision at all for the first decade of my life, since I was born prematurely and had retina detachment. Well into adulthood—and in large part thanks to life coaching, I finally acknowledged going blind was a traumatic experience. Once I admitted that, I was able to excel in life unlike ever before.

This is why my coaching is trauma-informed. It’s also how I’m able to bring such deep understanding and empathy to every coaching session.

Take it from me: nothing changes until we change. Life coaching can be the catalyst to moving forward and going for your goals.

JP Williams is an ICF-certified life coach through Co-Active Training Institute and an NACP-credentialed victim advocate. 


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